Whats the difference between Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows?

Both are forms of eyebrow tattoos, however, the technique and visual aesthetic are very different.

Microblading consists of hair-like "strokes" that are cut into the skin, using a tool (that looks similar to an X-Acto Knife) consisting of a series of lined needles. (From my experience) Microblading tends to be a wildcard when it comes to the healing process. The "strokes" are not sustainable in the long run and will blotch/blur over time, making it harder to see crisp and clear strokes after every touch up you receive, resulting in a less "hairlike" appearance as the years go by.

Ombre Powder Brows uses a tattoo machine that deposits pigment into the skin, (similar to a traditional tattoo machine) the needle "pokes" the pigment into the skin, minimizing the chances of creating scar tissue. I personally prefer this method of brow tattoos as it leaves the front of the eyebrows looking soft and blended, resulting in better flow. The Ombre Powder technique offers a look thats more natural than makeup, while providing you with an overall refined shape.

(Please keep in mind that everyone will heal differently and will yield different results for any type of procedure. In the past I have offered Microblading services but I did not like the long term results and have since left it behind and only offer Ombre Powder Brows for my clients.)

How long does Ombre Powder Brows last?

Ombre Powder Brows require 2 sessions to complete.
An Initial Session and a Required Touch Up (within 5-13 weeks). Once both sessions have been completed, the results generally last anywhere from 2-3 years on average, before needing another Touch Up. Retention may vary depending on the client's skin, bone structure, fatty tissue, muscle pull, scarring, existing pigment (old tattoos, if any), natural hair growth, lifestyle, age, sun exposure, diet, health and/or compliance with Pre-care and Aftercare.

After I have completed my sessions, what can I do to help extend the longevity of my brow tattoo?

Avoid any exfoliants/treatments/sun exposure on the brows. Anything that makes your skin "regenerate" new skin cells is never a good idea for your brow tattoos, as it will accelerate the fading process. However, that doesn't mean you should avoid it altogether, you can still proceed with your facial treatments, just please avoid the brow area.

What is good for brow tattoos though? Daily application of sunscreen to the brows (and face) will help prevent sun damage and fading of color. It will help keep your tattoos looking vibrant for longer.

Will I still need brow makeup?

Eyebrow tattoos have come a long way since the 90s/early 2000s. The brow industry now focuses on softness and naturally shaded looks. Our PMU (permanent makeup) pigments are different from pigments used for traditional body tattoos. PMU pigments are meant to soften and fade during the healing process to leave behind a soft and tinted look.

For example, if a client lacks hair in certain areas of their brows, the bare areas are likely to look lighter compared to the parts of the brow that naturally grow hair. Natural hair helps to creates more depth, dimension, and darkness that bare (tattooed) skin cannot. This is where a tiny bit of your favorite brow product can come in handy to help amplify the areas that need a little more attention.

Ombre Powder Brows bring so much convenience to your makeup routine. No more guessing your shape, struggling with reapplication throughout your day, or avoiding activities (such as swimming, sports, vacations) in fear of smearing your brows off. Your Ombre Powder Brows will always be present, they just may need a little bit of help to amplify the color.

Brow tattoos should be considered low-maintenance not no-maintenance

How long is the healing process?

For most clients, the process can take anywhere from 7-14 days to fully heal. During that time clients will go through a healing/peeling process in which the brows will naturally exfoliate on their own. Please avoid direct contact with water, picking/scratching the brows, and any activities that will cause you to sweat (including working out). Please treat your brows with care and keep them cool, clean, and dry.

Please refer to the "Prep & Aftercare" tab for more details.

Does it hurt?

Pain is subjective and I do use topical numbing products.
Half my clients tend to fall asleep during their procedures, while the other half are busy engaging in fun conversations with me. I wouldn't describe this procedure as "painful" (it hurts much less than a standard body tattoo). However, it is possible that you may feel a bit tender and sore once the procedure is complete. Generally, my clients rate the experience a 4 on a pain scale of 10. Many have mentioned that it feels similar to getting your brows threaded.